Know more about us

Systemiza Corporation, is a leading devlopment company in software & hardware handsets sector in the United States.

Systemiza offers turn key solutions, platforms and in the four main areas of consulting, development, outsourcing and training. We cater to the needs of multiple sectors including school management, home automation control, payment solution.

Our informative and easy-to-use software allows users to find what they are looking for instantaneously, in real time. We pride ourselves in being the ultimate local search engine for our users through our commitment to fast and accurate service, keeping our users informed, wherever they are. We are completely dedicated to becoming the most successful company in region by giving you the most up-to-date, real customer reviews. Choosing the service that you require has never been easier!


Corp, we believe that every business has the right to promote their services to every potential customer. We are in the position to showcase businesses with richer content like graphics (logos and photographs), video, and customer testimonials which will enable users to make informed decisions.


Proudly, we are one of the largest software providers in the region with over 150 years of combind experience, services extended to several of the largest organizations, and the delivery of complex projects by our 222 highly competent development employees. Our operations and solutions divide into four major units: Business, Payment Gateways, Home Automation Customization, School Management and US Mail Forwarding.


We have a "work hard play hard" culture. At our headquarters we have a 2000 sqf entertainment hall with refreshing facilities such as massage chairs, snooker and pool tables, fussball, table tennis and TV game consoles.


This helps our team members to bond well together, feel stimulated and secure. This enables them to work constructively to solve our clients' most challenging problems creatively.


Corp, every employee gets 222 hours of training a year, along with access to leading premium online education portals that makes the latest technologies and trends available to them to continuously grow and maintain their status as a trusted technical adviser to our clients.