School Management

Systemiza team has developed this web portal with the aim to provide the schools with the high end and up-to-date technologies in school adminirtration, students, staff, teachers, classes and lessons, beside the transportation.

Our system connects all departments/modules of the system with one controlling method to allow top management and board members to keep tracking every step in their school(s) or school branches.

Systemiza business development team has long experience with school managements, and they know well what is the problems that school management face during thier long experience in the field.

One of these main problems is the branches control, sync control and real time processes and financial problems, we've setteled all these issues and consider it as done, and we are looking forward to provide our solution with more advanced modules to help and reduce the time of school management and school teachers.

Why Systemiza School Management System:

  1. Schooliza is web based application, this would help you to access your account at anytime and at any place whatever the device you are using.
  2. Schooliza do not require special requirements for your existing network or devices, handsets etc ...
  3. Schooliza provides a help desk and customer support 24/7/30/365. (our support is not limited for problems or errors, we also support phone and blog training, so no worries if you faced a problem).
  4. Schooliza support master control facility (optional - available upon request), this option could allow support team to enter the transaction and correct it for the management team if they faced a problem or they do not understand what to do or how to do it.
  5. Schooliza is plug and play language support, in easy way, you can support any language you are looking for, by translating the file of content, and the language you are looking for is supported.
  6. Schooliza allow customized reports made by you, this tool will allow your IT team to develop the report you are looking for in few easy steps.
  7. Schooliza provides data backup tool, this will help you to schedule your data backup and keep a copy into your storage server or cloud, also you can request us to do this backup for you.
  8. Schooliza reduces the number of IT staff and support team, schooliza is web based application, and can be accessed from any place, schooliza also be part of your current school website.
  9. Schooliza provides a restriction options on management, teachers, staff access, so this option add more security level to your system, please note that this option is optional, you need to enable it, as the system designed to be accessed from anywhere.
  10. schooliza is easy steps configurations, you don't need to spend alot of time for customization of configuration, we will provide you some questions, and based on your answer we will configure your system automatically and online, so you don't need to be worry to think about extra hours, you can keep trying to clear your database and re-configure it again once you feel that this is the way you want your system to be.
  11. Schooliza is built on a way to help you and reduce the workload over your staff, and management, the system is user-freindly.
  12. Schooliza provides can be integrated with your existing database - this will be a special request to prepare and arrange data migrating tools.
  13. Schooliza provides list of modules, and you can select the module you want to add/remove from your system, which fit's your annual budget.

System Modules:

System Administration:

System administrator role is to configure and implement the requirements of school board members and school management into the system. usually this part is done once a year, or once at semester starts, then the responsibilites of system administrators starts with day to day operations of school, like monitor the system health, check system data, storage, do transaction analysis etc of huge list of provided operations.


This module will be used by school operation and management, which will be responsible about day to day activities in school management, registrations, students, staff and parents problems, follow up with all departments including the school and outside the school until each student reaches his home sweet home by using the school transportation.


This module is responsibile of new students registration, and also will be responsible to follow registered students, this part of modules has full real time sync with accounting department to provide the registrar with all financial situation.

This module can be switched into manual and automated processes, which allow parents to register their childrens online waiting the admission team acceptance, web portal also allow upload method for requried documents from parents.


This module is connected to teacher, parents and student attendance, this module works with attendance finger print or ID scanner machine. Attendance do not only records the attendance, also inform the teach that one of students is absense, to inform school management of the situation and inform student parents else if the parents logs into the system and notify the school that their student will not come to school, and school management will give a call to confirm with parents.

Parents Attendance: this is an optional module, school management have to decide to enable it or disable it, this will help school management to take off the responsibilities of students availability in school or leave. If the parent finger print is not configured into the system, then he/she could not get thier child out the school, for more security of student, and school responsibility.


This module is responsible of all financial operations and records in the school, including the salaries, students fees, expenses, etc ... this module is the heart of the system, which sync the information between all modules and share the financial results and situation with all departments, beside send notifications to all departments, teachers, staff and parents for any financial records.

Finance Module works with accountants with the way they prefer, the system is designed to accept excel files for bulk records, and because we know and understand that school records are huge, so we consider that some processes might work under seperate processing tools to reduce the huge transactions of affecting the running processes.


Usually most of schools manually records the students who borrow a books, but now things will be more easier, as the school can track each book borrow history and return date and with whom in a few clicks of the book name or book number.

Beside, system will provide a list of borrowd books per day, week, month.

Inventory & Books Distribution:

Schools might have an inventory for class books, school dress, school boards and many other goods related to schools, so there might be a management processes to handle these processes.

At the begining of each semester school management has to define the number of books requried for each students, so the inventory management might do a forcasting for the number of books required and inform the accounting department with their requirements.

Human Resources Management:

Human resources management is responsible of all requirements of staff, so in schools the teacher is a part of the staff, and the Human resources team has to analyze the staff, and provide a KPI for each teacher and staff, this tool is an add-on tool and provides the major and basic tools only, as we are working to seperate this part from the system due to the huge requests from schools to update it.

Classes, Examination and Cources:

Classes: this module shows all classes in the school, how many students in each class, who is the teacher responsible about the class.
Examination: this module monitor and manage the student exams, and provide full details of student results in the exam, results will be available one the teacher uploads the results, and this process will be done in easy steps by teacher.
Online exams result will be available automatically after submitting the result, so parents and student will get the result without waiting the teacher to check and return back.
Courses: this module will provide the parents, student and teacher what is the syllabus of the course, what is the next current subject in that course and what is the next subject, this will help parents to follow up their child, and also will help them to prepare the next subject.
Some cources content and summarises will be available online for students if they like soft copy.

Time Table:

This tool will help school management to arrange and prepare next semester time table for each class, time table will help the school management to reduce the time of checking all teachers availability, this is not an automated system for time table, but this will help school management to build up the time table in few minutes, without collecting all teachers into one room and write down thier available time, easily each teacher could provide the available time, hours per week, and then system will help you to build up the time table.


This module is reponsible of delivering the students to their home safe, this system is responsible of scheduling the students with the available bus into area of student, so this will help to reduce the return time to home.

Also this department will be responsible about safty and security of students, and also parents look forward for their childs safty, so a monitor tool via GPS tracking is available, you parents can track their childs mile by mile, and also school transportation management can track the driver behaviour.

Video tracking option is available, you can track your child live and also school management can track the students bus live all time time.

Notification System:

Notification system works on many available features, to keep notifiying parents, teachers and staff with all updates.
This feature is available via: SMS, WhatApp, Email.