Home Automation

Nowadays technology controls every single movement of our lives, but how we can include these technologies in our homes? @ Systemiza, we do not provide the traditional Home Automation solutions for two main reasons,

First reason is because the traditional home automation systems still having a lot of restrictions and not developed as expected for new modern houses, and it need a lot of re-structuring of your home walls, and electric infrastructure.

Second reason is because of cost! People usually lookout for lower prices, the traditional Home Automation systems are extremely expensive.

What Home Automation we offer then?

Simply we just simplify our life with some small tools, add-on additions and some accessories, and the rest will be controlled from your mobile device!

It is not a joke, yes; It’s real you can control each facility at your home from your mobile, anywhere at any time!

Items we are providing is add-ons into your existing infrastructure, you just plug-connect-and-play. Yes! It is as simple as that.

How it works?

Simply, for home lights with different color with different brightness! You just replace the current lamp/light at your home with items we provide and connect it to your mobile, give it a name, and start controlling it!

What other items we can provide?

The list is huge, and also customizable, we provide a huge number of items that can make every piece at your home automated and from one place.

Can others control these items?

No, they cannot access it, but why? Answer is security of your family & home!
Yes, easily you can give your family a permission to access it, so the control in your hand to give others access or limited access for child’s lock, maintenance company and workers!