US Mail Forwarding

Shopping from USA now is much easier. Get your unique Tax Free Address today and have your packages delivered with cheaper shipping rate to your home country.

Make us as your business partner, we will do the whole process for you and ship it to your address.

Second reason is because of cost! People usually lookout for lower prices, the traditional Home Automation systems are extremely expensive.

We ship door to door to Jordan United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, Kuwait, and Lebanon for none-taxable items, but any taxable items we will require your representative to provide the required documents, and we will help you with the rest of processes.

How Logisticsiza Services Works?

  • Signup! your free account with us!
  • Get your free US Address.
  • Go to online shopping malls, or complete your business deals with US corporates, and send the items to your US Address.
  • We will confirm the shipment with you.
  • Shipment will start moving after confirmation.

Why do we request confirmation?

  1. Security purposes.
  2. Check if there is any other items on the way to your inbox.
  3. Confirm that this shipment belongs to you and there is no fraud at your account.

Do we combine packages?

Yes, we do combine packages, we know that you might buy items from different merchants even if it is from one online shipping portal, but sometimes items come from different merchants, so we understand that you might pay 2 dollars for item and the shipment for your home country will cost you 10 times more, so don’t worry, we will combine it for you and we can keep it for three days for free, we will charge you for extra days after third day one dollar per day only for storage space.

Do we store packages for long periods?

Logisticsiza have a lot of warehouses, inside the USA and outside the States, usually in countries we deliver shipments to, so no problem, we can store it in the USA with lower rates, please contact us to check the available rates and spaces required.

Do we reduce shipment weight?

Usually shippers and forwarding companies do not check the weight, they just forward the package as it is to the destination? In Logisticsiza we found that most of people are complaining that shipment weight is high and it is costing them more than expected, or sometimes the item weight with packing is more than what found in the online shopping malls, so you have to pay to the shipper to receive your items, otherwise your items will not deliver and you might pay extra fees for storing.

What we can do? It is simple, if you request to repack your items with combining, then we remove extra weight and re-pack it again for you.

Example: item weight with packing is: 0.600 grams so you have to pay for one kilogram while it is less, shipment companies works on weight tables and their prices calculation based into it, we simply re-pack it to reduce the weight into 0.450 grams.